MURP 0003: Living the Life of the Beloved pt02

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Join Pastor Otte and the rest of Messiah’s Upper Room Bible Class as we continue our lessons in the book of Matthew. We dive deeper into God’s claim to us as His “Beloved” who “Belong” to Him and how Satan may try to cast doubts on His claim.

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MURP 0002: Living the Life of the Beloved pt01

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What does it mean to be “loved” and to “belong?” What does it mean to love like Jesus? How does God empower us to love others? This week we look to answer those questions and more.

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MURP 0001: Sharing His Light

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Hello and welcome to the first episode of Messiah’s Upper Room Podcast! Each week we will bring you into Messiah Lutheran Church’s Upper Room Bible Class led by Pastor Jim Otte. This is an introduction episode where we sit down and have a short interview with Pastor Otte to discuss what future episodes will come, what he hopes to learn from podcasting, and how you can join the discussion, follow along, and interact with the Bible class each week.

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